7.0 Conclusions
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       This paper documents the investigation of the use of drogues to prevent small sailing yacht capsize in breaking seas. The following conclusions were reached:

  1. In many and possibly most cases, a properly engineered drogue can prevent breaking wave capsizing.
  2. For fin keel sailing yachts the drogue should be deployed from the stern, not the bow.
  3. A series type drogue provides significant advantages over a cone or parachute type drogue.
  4. A full-scale series drogue demonstrated satisfactory handling and durability characteristics under simulated storm conditions and in actual breaking wave conditions.
  5. A recommended design specification including design loads is presented for cone, parachute and series type drogues.

There are no patents or proprietary information associated with the series drogue. It is hoped that some sailors who venture offshore will construct a series drogue using the recommendations contained in this report. As experience and knowledge are gained, this device could become part of the standard safety gear used on yachts. Preventing capsize, and its subsequent damage to the boat and potential loss of life, will be the ultimate benefit.