29-30 November 2000

SeaTechWeek 2000, Le Quartz, Brest, France

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Ifremer and IRCN organised a workshop on "Rogue waves", Wed. 29th and Thu. 30th November 2000, 
during SeaTechWeek 2000, Le Quartz, Brest, France.


To assess the state of the art as to conditions of occurrence of waves or groups of waves of unexpected severity, responsible for ship wrecks and damages to offshore oil and gas production systems; and to establish a ``road map'' as to research actions and collaborations needed to improve the prediction and forecasting abilities in this domain.

The workshop is intended to foster exchanges and discussions between all participants, and the organisers have tried to keep sufficient time available for numerous discussions in addition to the invited presentations.


2-hour sessions, roughly 3 (or 4) 20-25 min. general presentations by experts in each, and 50 min. for walk-ons and discussion.

Printed abstracts of the presentations, and of those walk-on slides already available, to be distributed at the start of the workshop. Bound proceedings to be published early 2001. Instructions to contributors can be found HERE.

The last session will be devoted to a wrap-up discussion on a number of selected topics.


Day 1. (2000/11/29) Status of the problem

Day 2. (2000/11/30) Research and perspectives

Day 3. (2000/12/01) Follow-up meetings at Ifremer

Day 1. (2000/11/29) Status of the problem

Douglas Faulkner (Glasgow) : "Rogue waves - Defining their characteristics for Marine Survival Design"

General presentations:

Peter Kjeldsen (Norwegian Maritime Academy) : "A sudden disaster - in extreme waves"
Nigel Barltrop (University of Glasgow) : "FPSO Bow Damage in steep waves" by P. Gorf (BP-Amoco), N. Barltrop & B. Okan (U. of Glasgow), T. Hodgson & R. Rainey (WS Atkins)

Walk-on discussions from the floor, including:

Bruce Johnson (US Naval Academy) : "Capsize resistance vs survivability when smaller vessels encounter extreme waves"
Valérie Quiniou-Ramus (Noble Denton) : "Onstream JIP: FPSO design optimisation through structural reliability analysis methods. How to assess the probability of failure of hull structure design against slamming and greenwater ?"

Marc Prevosto (Ifremer) : "Statistics of wave crests from second order irregular wave 3D models"
Gerassimos Athanassoulis (NTUA) : "A complete modal expansion of the wave potential and its application to nonlinear free-surface waves".
Jun Zhang (Texas A&M) : "Nonlinear wave interaction and its application to the analyis of measurements of steep ocean waves"

Walk-on discussions from the floor

Michel Olagnon (Ifremer) : "Some cases of observed rogue waves, and attempts to characterize their occurrence conditions" by M. Olagnon & S. van Iseghem
Hiroshi Tomita (Japanese Ship Research Institute) : "Statistical Mechanics of the Frequency Modulation of Sea Waves" by H. Tomita & T. Kawamura
Sverre Haver (Statoil) : "Some evidences of the existence of socalled freak waves"
Anne-Karin Magnusson (Det Norske Meteorologiske Institutt) : "Extremes from evolved waves using measurements from a waverider and vertical lasers at one location" by A-K. Magnusson & M. Donelan (RSMAS)

Walk-on discussions from the floor, including:

Paul C. Liu (NOAA) : "Characterizing freak waves with wavelet transform analysis" by P. Liu & N. Mori (Criepi)
Torsten Schlurmann (Univ. Wuppertal) : "The 'empirical mode decomposition' and the Hilbert spectra to analyse embedded characteristic oscillations of extreme waves "

Pierre Bonmarin (IRPHE Marseille) : "Some geometric and kinematic properties of breaking waves"
Al Osborne (Univ. di Torino / Office of Naval Research) : "Search for Freak Waves in the Ocean" by A.R. Osborne, M. Onorato & M. Serio
Efim Pelinovsky (University of Nizhny Novgorod) : "Nonlinear wave focusing as a mechanism of the freak wave generation in the ocean" by E. Pelinovsky & C. Kharif (IRPHE)

Walk-on discussions from the floor, including:

Sergei Badulin (P.P.Shirshov Institute of Oceanology) : "Multi-wave resonances and formation of high-amplitude waves in the ocean"
Julian Wolfram (Heriot-Watt university Edinburgh) : "Modulational interactions of broad-band gravity waves observed duringNorth Sea storms" by Brian Linfoot & Julian Wolfram
Alastair Jenkins (Det Norske Meteorologiske Institutt) : "Geometric and kinematic properties of breaking waves in the framework of a stationary flow approximation"

Day 2. (2000/11/30) Research and perspectives

Nobuhito Mori (CRIEPI) : "Effects of high order nonlinear wave-wave interactions" by N. Mori & T. Yasuda (Gifu University)
Paul Taylor (Oxford University) : "NewWaves, solitons and spreading"
Kristian Dysthe (University of Bergen) : "Modelling a "rogue wave" - speculations or a realistic possibility?"
Karsten Trulsen (SINTEF) : "Simulating the spatial evolution of a measured time series of a freak wave"

Walk-on discussions from the floor, including:

Carlo Brandini (Univ. Firenze) : "Nonlinear interaction effects on extreme wave dynamics" by C. Brandini & S. Grilli (Univ. Rhode Island)
Emmanuel Fontaine (Institut Français du Pétrole) : "On the smoothed particle hydrodynamics to model extreme waves and their interaction with a structure"

Carl-Trygve Stansberg (Marintek) : "Random waves in the Laboratory - What should be expected for the Extremes ?"
Günther Clauss (TU Berlin) : "Generation of Task-related Freak Waves and Critical Wave Groups"
Chris Swan (Imperial College) : "Observations of extreme three-dimensional surface water waves"

Walk-on discussions from the floor, including:

René Huijsmans (MARIN) : "Extreme wave generation/modelling at MARIN"
David Kriebel (U.S. Naval Academy) : "Efficient Simulation of Extreme Waves in Random Sea"

Georg Lindgren (University of Lund) : "Statistical modelling of asymmetric waves"
Ulla Machado (University of Lund) : "Statistics of second order Stokes waves and of their extremes" by U. Machado & I. Rychlik
Julian Wolfram (Heriot-Watt university Edinburgh) : "Some experiences in estimating long and short term statistics for extreme waves in the North Sea" by Julian Wolfram & Brian Linfoot
Martin Sterndorff (DHI-Water & Environment) : "Probability distributions for extreme wave and crest heights"by Martin J. Sterndorff & John Grønbech

Walk-on discussions from the floor, including:

Susanne Lehner (DLR Remote Sensing Technology Institute) : "Global sea state measurements by Synthetic Aperture Radar data"
Konstanze Reichert (OceanWaves) : "From standard radar data analysis to individual wave heights"

Don Smith (international association of Oil and Gas Producers) : "Designing for the Unknown"
Wolfgang Rosenthal (GKSS) : "Possible extension of waveforecasts to individual extreme waves"


Day 3. (2000/12/01) Follow-up meetings at Ifremer

  • 8h30  -  Bus pick-up at the hotels
  • 9h00  -  MAXWAVE kick-off meeting (Invitations only)
  • 9h00  -  International Metocean Networking, open meeting on actions to be undertaken to:
    • Set up a common reference base
    • Facilitate access to existing metocean data
    • Develop and exchange toolboxes for analysis and study of metocean problems
    • Improve the exchanges of information and staff between laboratories
    • Set up further research projects

Interested ?

If you are interested in attending the workshop, please send your address to Michel Olagnon, indicating, when you already know that you will want to present a walk-on discussion (5 minutes maximum), in which session.

Michel Olagnon - IFREMER TMSI/IDM/COM - B.P. 70 - F-29280 Plouzané - France - fax (+33) 2 9822 4650