Making a series drogue from scratch is not too difficult, we recommend getting all eye splices completed by a qualified rigger, which should cost about $20.00 each, buy the best quality locally made, known brand rope you can find, most imported cheap double braid cannot be spliced.

 Attaching the cones is not a difficult job, but it is tedious,  taking 4 or 5 minutes to attach each cone.  We include a latch hook with your purchases, it is by far the simplest and most efficient method of cone attachment. If you need advice about making the drogue email me, I am happy to get involved.



Bridle legs

Bridal legs (2) should be cut from nylon or polyester double braid line. Their length is calculated by adding the following;-

i)  2.5 X beam at fixing points.

ii)  3 meters on each bridle leg for 200mm eye splices. Eye splices 200mm long should be made on the ends of both bridle legs, for attachment to boat fittings and the leader.





The leader should be cut 27 meters long, from double braid line. Eye splices 200mm long should be made at each end. If you have doubts about your ability to make safe eye splices, then get them done professionally. The leader and drogue line can be made in one single length of line ie - 16mm line for a 100 cone drogue.



Drogue Line


The line that cones are attached to should be double braid, U.S. Coast Guard tests have found that 3 strand line unravels when subjected to high tension loads. It is recommended that cones are placed on a 1 meter length of plastic plumbing pipe. The line is passed through the pipe. Cones are slipped off the pipe onto drogue line and attached with latch hook. see figs. As more line is required it is pulled off the real and thru the pipe into your work area,  this work area can be a table, or board. It is expedient to mark your work surface with coloured lines to line up cones prior to attachment


Attachment of cones to double braid line is not difficult,  and requires more patience than skill. Once you have mastered the technique it should take about 3 minutes per cone, for people with good handy craft skills and 4 or 5 minutes for the many thumbed of us. The supplied latch hook tool is inserted between the 2 layers of braid, and the nylon ribbon pulled thru and knotted, when the cones fill with water, the line stretches and friction helps hold the knotted ribbon. Each cone is held in pace on the line by 3 ribbons, making a total of 6 knots, 3 at top and 3 at bottom.










The series drogue is designed for deployment from the stern, it will not work as a sea anchor deployed from the bow.


Bridle legs require attachment to to solid deck fittings. Existing fittings such as sheet winches and genoa track should be inspected by qualified person to ensure backing as far sft as possible, and are capable of withstanding loads greater than breaking strain of the line.